Geico – Breakaway Suits

Client: Geico

Goal: Create digital pajamas as a last-minute solve for a practical effect that didn’t work on set. This was a high pressure project; if my VFX didn’t look convincing, the spot would have been scrapped!

Solution: I recreated some parts of the PJ’s in as 2D elements and other parts in 3D since there was some rotations involved.  Using a generous amount of puppet warping in After Effects, I was able to match the movement of the original bodies.  I built the pattern of the fabric in a modular way, so that it could be changed on the fly, without affecting the animation.  All in all, this came out great.  Very proud of the end result!

Role: Motion Tracking, Compositing, 3D Body Replacement, Puppet Warping, Rotoscoping.